DX IN 80 M (evaluation november 2017)

I am still in the process in the evaluation of my home made yagi for 80 m since july 2017.

Now at the end of november,begin december the lowband seasing really starts, and the antenna is surprising me and others who 

work me more and more. Just do ask VA2GU Roy, his reports are a true indication for me ( front to back and so). 

I work mostly every day dx  in the evening ( Vk, Zl) but also Ve,USA and even before 19.00 utc .In the morning i am not that active 

but the times i was on had lots of fun working Pacific and north America.

The third of december i managed to worked 45 Ve and USA from 19.00 utc to 22.00 utc , at some places in the states it was on 

15.00 local the afternoon and more than 2 hours before their sunset.

Worked several longpath USA in our afternoon, best shot was working Pat KK6ZM at 14.22 utc first of december, which is really 

very early.

Cdx are sure improving on the lowbands, and its real fun when the antenna plays so good.


Keep you posted