New 4 square 3.5 Mhz finished today !

After using two delta loops for a season, i decided to install the 4 square for 80 m again,but in a different approach as in the past.

So i did go for Top Loaded wire verticals and make them resonant in cw ( favorite mode).

( 12 m vertical, 2 times 8,5 m toploading wires,sloping towards ground, angle is 45 degrees).

The feedpoint are 2 meters from ground and at the moment just one elevated radial at each vertical facing outside the square.

The advantage of one radial is the easy way to tune for same impedances at the feedpoints.

Along with the comtek coupler is seems to work, see great front to back.

Of course in middle of summer not much dx on the band and also poor cdx the last days, so i have to evaluate the new 4 sq later in the season.

I keep  you posted.