Confirmed DXCC via LOTW    

  My antennas at this moment :

- 2 el yagi 3,8 Mhz home made 

 (total element length about 24 m with home made coils )

- 4 Square 3,5 k Mhz home made ( toploaded wire elements ) 

- shunt fed tower 1,8 Mhz

- 5 el yagi 18 Mhz home made  (interlaced on same boom 80 m)

- stack of 2 5 elements OP DES 14 Mhz yagi's 

- Rx : 200 m long beverage NO and  active RX loop ALA 1530 LNP



Below the pictures of my old antennas ,replaced since july 2017.

4 element 7 Mhz full size yagi and stack of 2 KT36XA's.

These antennas were up for more than 15 years !!!                                

Welcome @ OT4A - ON4AEK

Visitor's notice

Hello , i am Theo Bemelmans ,licensed since 1983 as ON4AEK and since 2006 as OT4A.

As holder of these callsigns i am allowed to use them both.

Above you see the antennas as i use them today.



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Visitors notice

My name is Theo Bemelmans born in 1960 and got my license since 1983 as ON4AEK and in 2006 we could...
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