Statistics Dxing with home brew 80 m yagi


Happy Newyear to all, and thanks for all nice qso's in the past!

After six months of using my yagi , time for some serious evaluation : just random qso's , no contests 

Worked from 15 july - 31 december 2017 80 M SSB :

- 3050 qso's  

- 500 USA

- 2 KH6

- 186 VE

- 65 ZL

- 26 VK

- 30 JA 

- 15 YB

- 26 ZS 

- 4 PY

- 3 LU

- other dx like 8P6,J69,KP2.....

- rest European,Russians....etc.

Well the antenna is sure working.



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DX IN 80 M (evaluation november 2017)

I am still in the process in the evaluation of my home made yagi for 80 m since july 2017.

Now at the end of november,begin december the lowband seasing really starts, and the antenna is surprising me and others who 

work me more and more. Just do ask VA2GU Roy, his reports are a true indication for me ( front to back and so). 

I work mostly every day dx  in the evening ( Vk, Zl) but also Ve,USA and even before 19.00 utc .In the morning i am not that active 

but the times i was on had lots of fun working Pacific and north America.

The third of december i managed to worked 45 Ve and USA from 19.00 utc to 22.00 utc , at some places in the states it was on 

15.00 local the afternoon and more than 2 hours before their sunset.

Worked several longpath USA in our afternoon, best shot was working Pat KK6ZM at 14.22 utc first of december, which is really 

very early.

Cdx are sure improving on the lowbands, and its real fun when the antenna plays so good.


Keep you posted

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Dx on 80 m (further evaluation of my 2 el home made yagi)

Well, since the antenna is up 15 of july i have been working dx every day on mostly 3796 which means about 330 dx qso's in middle of summer, even a few times KK6ZM on the westcoast.

Now 21 of september i have just checked my logbook and saw that i had 50 qso's with New Zealand since 15 july 2017, this means in 3 months every second day a qso with ZL. (Mostly ZL1IU,ZL2OK/p or ZL1AIX).


So i conclude this antenna is really working great......

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Evaluation of the 2 el 80 m Yagi

Well,after 14 days working with my new home made 80 m yagi i must say all the hard work is paying off.

Since it has been up in the air on 15 july 2017 i have been working dx every single day (morning or evening).

ZS6US,VK6APZ,ZL2OK/P were the most regulars.

But also JA5AQC was worked and this morning band was great fun : see my log this morning ....its middle of summer here....;


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Antenne work

Since April 2017 i started some major antenna work.

Took all my antennas down, did replace the electric whinch, replaced the cables, new coax and so on. 

Started modeling a new antenna (2 el for 80 m and 3 element for 40 m) and did order 2 OP-DES 14 mhz 5 element yagis.

Since 15 of july some of the new antennas are installed.

The 3 element for 40 m will be added soon.

First test with the 80 m beam really looks promising,worked already VK,ZL,JA,VE,ZS ....


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160 m 8 januari 2017

First snow here in ON. 

Came this morning in the shack around seven local time,and i asked myself will 160 m be as good as yesterday.

Well , not that great opening or activity but managed again about 25 NA qso's including several westcoast and midwest,

So great to start the last day of my Holliday break.Tomorrow back to the salt mines !

Hope 160 m stays like it is now....


Its just fun to work you guys.....

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160 m HOT!

This morning worked about 40 stations in North America and Canada in about 45 min when i started at 7.00 am.

West Coast and mid west were really fine sigs.What a nice surprise to find the band in this shape.

Thanks all for the qso', see below my log from this morning !

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160 m nice opening!

Yesterday evening we had once again a very good opening into the Far East ! TOP BAND WAS HOT!

Stations worked : VK3IO,VK6VZ,HS0ZIA,5B4AMM and lots of JA, 9M2AX (but he had no rx)

Hope cdx will even improve on topband.


Cuagn sn in CW.


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Evaluation 4SQ 3.5 Mhz

After working this morning ZL7G long path in cw 3.5 Mhz i believe this array is really working well.

Over the last months i worked quite a lot of dx with this array Ja,Du,Vk,Zl,Vp2,K.

Cdx has been very poor last months , so i think its a winner.

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Update new 4 square 3,5 Mhz


Yesterday i found some time to try to improve the new 4 square for 3,5 Mhz.

Like i wrote ealier, the feedpoints are 2 m from ground, and today i brought the radials higher up in the air 

( 4 m high now, gull wing system).

The impedance at each element dropped from circa 46-  48 Ohm too circa 38 - 39  ohm, so less losses to ground, 

( a vertical should have 36 Ohm in theory) so the efficiency of the array is improved.

I noticed a bigger front to back now , specialy to close by signals ( 0 - 400 km),this is what to expect with just one radial for each radiator.


Keep you posted.


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