New 4 square 3.5 Mhz finished today !

After using two delta loops for a season, i decided to install the 4 square for 80 m again,but in a different approach as in the past.

So i did go for Top Loaded wire verticals and make them resonant in cw ( favorite mode).

( 12 m vertical, 2 times 8,5 m toploading wires,sloping towards ground, angle is 45 degrees).

The feedpoint are 2 meters from ground and at the moment just one elevated radial at each vertical facing outside the square.

The advantage of one radial is the easy way to tune for same impedances at the feedpoints.

Along with the comtek coupler is seems to work, see great front to back.

Of course in middle of summer not much dx on the band and also poor cdx the last days, so i have to evaluate the new 4 sq later in the season.

I keep  you posted. 


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Great Ja opening on 18 Mhz

This sunny sunday morning i had a great pile into Ja in cw on 18 Mhz.

Worked just over 63 ja stations in 23 minutes of operation. Like contest style !!!

Great fun ,certainly when i first tuned around an almost dead sounding band.

Cuagn soon in cw.

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No dx since begin April !

I am back active a bit,be off the air for more than a month.

After 6 month of fighting cancer my father is a silent key since 22 April at the age of 84.

Thanks for all Dad.



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RDXC Contest

I found a bit time to take part in the Russian DX contest this weekend, and really enjoyed myself.

Made about 1450 qso's in just about 14 hours of contesting in CW.

Great contest and will take part in it next year sure again.

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Broadcasters on 80 M

I was reading this on different social media today, and i must say i do agree 100% with this statement......


WHAT ABOUT these broadcasters on 80m ssb.? This is realy a pain and they are 100% confident there is nothing wrong with there transmlit signal . EA7JZ, EA3JE DF2BO OE6MBG the itallian clan, YL2GB you name it. I dont know what it is today but they cant keep it between 5khz . Trying to talk to these stations turn into selective deafness Some blame it on equipment but if a flex 6500 a icom 7850 a yaesu ftdx 5000 cant get ride of these qrm im asking wich transceiver could ??I n normal circumstances we can operate with 3 stations between 3790 and 3800 without interfering each other. We did this for years And for those who are friends with these talk to them.maybe you can make a difference for all those europeans who wants to give a call instead of being part of a broadcast net.

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Ja opening long path 40 m cw

Yesterday and today enjoyed great openings long path into Japan on 40 m cw.

Worked yesterday about 17 ja's and today 23 japaneese station around 8.00 utc.

Cw is Fun !

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Ja Pile up 80 m cw!

80 m CW dx fun !

This warm winterevening i managed to work 35 japanees and some more dx into Asia in less than 30 minutes.

Great opening and the loops are sure winners !

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Good cdx last evening 40 cw into Japan

I have been pretty busy testing the two element delta loop for 80 m i put up this summer.

The first ja's are already in the log half August in cw and ssb. Vk ,Zl and ZS are worked on regular base in ssb.

Yesterday evening enjoyed one of the first real good openings in middle of summer into Japan on 40 m cw.

I managed to work about   20 ja's around their sunrise.

Great fun !  

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First blog

My new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and I will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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